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$ 35 for a single personal return

Price include the following:

Internet E-Filing

Unlimited slips/receipts

Full printed copy of your return

Year-round support (pre/post assessment audits, T1 Adjustment Requests)

No surprise fees


I also do T2125 Business Income and T776 Rental Income calculations for an additional fee, starting at $25 and up, depending on complexity. T777 Employment Expenses are also an additional fee, up to $25 depending on complexity.

Cash, cheque, or e-transfer is accepted, payable upon delivery/pick-up of your completed return

Instant Refund Fee

10% on the first $300 of your calculated refund (ie $30) and 4% on any remaining amount + up to a maximum of $3.90 in HST. Everyone else charges 15% on the first $300 and 5% thereafter (which is the maximum allowed by law) so my fee is way less!  The minimum estimated refund must be at least $400 to be eligible. Paid by business cheque.

Corporate Taxes & HST Returns

I charge $150 + HST to prepare and Efile a T2 corporate tax return, if you provide a breakdown of the income and expenses. 

I charge $10 to NETFILE an HST return, be it annual, quarterly, or monthly.

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